Judge Mary Brown is currently running as a write-in candidate for the 301st Dallas Family District Court because she somehow screwed up her filing to run for election this year.  Then she further screwed up by accepting campaign contributions before she had filed to run as a write-in candidate which is an ethics violation.

Neither of these screw-ups surprises me since she had permanently screwed up the perfectly good relationships that I had with my daughters.

Here is my argument as to why it is critical to ensure that Mary Brown’s butt never sits on a judge’s seat ever again.

Family Court Judges in Texas are given “broad discretion to make decisions in the best interests of the child”.  If you appeal a family court judge’s decision, the appellate court ruling will typically start by saying: “Under an abuse of discretion standard, we view the evidence in the light most favorable to the trial court’s actions.” In layman’s language, that means it is nearly impossible for an appellate court to overturn a family court judge’s decision, especially when it comes to those relating to custody and possession of the child.  So even if you have the financial means to file an appeal, the chances of prevailing are practically zero.  This means that a family court judge is like a King/Queen answerable to no one when it comes to making decisions regarding your child.  In fact, a family court judge even boasted in a forum that I once attended: “I can drive a MacTruck through the law and no one can do anything about it”.

So you would think that such a powerful position as a family court judge should be occupied by only the best of the best people.  Sadly, the opposite is the case as many failed lawyers with the right political connections end up becoming family court judges.  We then have a situation that is like handing a loaded gun into the hands of an immature child.  That is exactly how I would describe Judge Mary Brown and her powers.

In a nutshell, based on my experience with Mary Brown starting from August of 2004 when I first appeared in her court when she was still an Associate Judge, I would say that she is the worst of the worst among the judges I encountered in the family court system over an 18-year period.  During the time I was in her court before I finally got her recused, she destroyed the perfectly good relationship that I had with my daughters due to her capricious and thoughtless decisions.

Based on my experience, following are the reasons I believe Judge Mary Brown is unfit to continue as a judge:

  1. She is highly gullible – at a temporary orders hearing in August 2004, my ex-wife’s attorney convinced her that Indian women who got into arranged marriages were essentially slaves to the men who brought them to the US and hence needed to be protected by the court. Anyone who has some basic knowledge of Indian culture would know that no woman (or man) in the present day is forced into an arranged marriage. In reality, my ex-wife and I did not have an “arranged marriage” but little things like facts do not bother Mary Brown. She hit me with an indefinite $4000/month support payment when I was off project and not earning, she had me and my parents evicted from my home which was later proved to be my separate property and she gave me just two 3-hour periods of visits with my then 3-year-old and 5-year-old daughters thus starting the downslide in my relationship with them.
  2. She is corrupt – I learned later that I needed to find a lawyer/law firm who had contributed to her elections in order to get reasonable decisions in her court.
  3. She is a racist who is biased against brown-skinned Indian men – she even made a statement in open court asking why people like me came to this country.
  4. She has some nexus with mental health professionals – twice, for no valid reason, after I had my daughters with me for several years, she sent me off for psychological evaluation forcing me to spend thousands of dollars just to get certified as fit to get my daughters back.
  5. She makes thoughtless and capricious decisions – twice, for no valid reason, after I had my daughters with me for some years, she put me on supervised visitation. Her reasoning?  She said in open court: “I know you love your daughters and I know your daughters love you, but I think it best that you see them in a supervised setting”.  When I protested saying that would have a very negative impact on my daughters and hence I would not go for the supervised visits she said, “Just remember that if you don’t go that means you don’t love your daughters and I will decide accordingly”.  So, I had to spend hundreds of dollars to see my daughters twice a week at a supervised location and as I expected, the first set of questions from my brilliant daughters at the supervised setting was, “Why are we here?  What did you do that the judge made us come here to see you?”.  I could see the regard they had for me disappearing in front of my eyes.
  6. She has writing skills that are worse than that of a High School student – the Orders she writes by hand are usually riddled with grammatical mistakes and outright errors.
  7. Finally, she has a callous attitude towards fathers, especially brown-skinned ones. In 2013, when I was scheduled to visit my dying mother in India along with my daughters, at a supposed report-back hearing, she asked me to wait in court with the bailiff and instructed my ex-wife to go to my house and take my daughters.  I protested saying to her that she was punishing the children’s grandmother for no good reason by not allowing them to travel with me to see her before she died.  That appeared to enrage/frighten her and subsequent to that hearing she changed my case to “High Security” status meaning that for all future hearings I would have 2 bailiffs in court watching me!

To conclude – the children’s grandmother died in October 2013 without seeing her beloved granddaughters who she had helped me raise.  Further, my daughters never again returned to stay in my home as Judge Brown’s handwritten “Order” of July 12, 2013, gave me no pathway to get them back home (as I was later told by the late Judge Jeff Coen she was supposed to have done). Despite all my efforts to bring them back home over the years (including sitting for hundreds of hours in family reunification counseling and going to law school and passing Bar exams in order to fight my case in both trial and appellate courts), I was unsuccessful in bringing them back home.  In effect, Judge Brown aided and abetted my ex-wife to alienate my daughters against me due to which the father-daughter relationship was completely broken for good which ensured that they would never agree to come back to my home again or have anything to do with me.

Now, finally, we have an opportunity to send this half-wit judge packing for good so that someone competent and decent can take her place.  So, when you go into that polling booth, I strongly recommend that, whatever name you write, DON’T WRITE DOWN MARY BROWN.







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