It has been a while since I blogged and Trump’s defeat spurred me to write this piece.
My take – Trump’s refusal to accept obvious facts caused his downfall.
Starting with the 2016 election itself which he won due to getting the narrowest of margins in 3 states. Rather than thanking his lucky stars and working to enlarge his voter base for the 2020 elections, he drank his own Kool-Aid and repeatedly boasted about having had a massive win in the election.
Similarly, rather than just accepting that the crowd for his inauguration was smaller than Obama’s (something that mattered little) he went on and on about how he had the larger crowd (and made others do the same on his behalf).
If he had just accepted the facts and worked on improving his situation rather than living in make-believe land and making enemies all over the place (including those who he had praised to the skies while hiring them and then called all kinds of names while firing them), he could have had a massive win in 2020. Instead, he has ended up losing in murky circumstances where nearly 50% of the voters still picked him despite his nutty shenanigans.
Sad story of what might have been…

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